QNET an Ethical Direct Selling Network

QNET is an established direct selling network whose many associates have been plying their trade for the past 18 years. QNET is not just concerned with the bottom line of business success but in the establishment of healthy lifestyles. They are advocates for vegetarianism and they proudly use no animal meats or parts in the manufacture of their products that include snacks, food, beverages, lotions, dietary aides and other health related products. QNET also insists that no animals are harmed in the testing of its products.
The company is true to their word and only serves vegetarian meals in the head offices. QNET allows their associates to work part time, which gives their, usually female, associates sufficient time to be mothers to their children and wives to their husbands. This enlightened view comes from the top on down and the company fully advocates ethical responsibility and has a giving back approach to their success.
Vijay Eswaran founded QNET in Hong Kong in 1998 and the company has since rapidly spread across Europe and parts of Asia. Read about the QNET company here:QNET website
AS QNET advances its position in the world of business, they are increasing their involvement into advertising on different sports venues. They have a presence on Manchester United’s team in the sport of English Football, they are involved with Formula 1 Racing, and recently signed the great Swiss tennis star and Grand Slam winner, Martina Hingis as a goodwill ambassador. See the entire sports involvement for QNET here:World of Sport
QNET is definitely moving up in the world of direct selling with a responsible and ethical approach to marketing, and their products are the things everyone needs to lead a healthier and happier life.

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