QNet is the Best Direct Selling Company on Planet Earth

QNet is one of the leading direct selling companies in the world. QNet was founded in 1998 in Hong Kong by Vijay Eswaran originally as GoldQuest, which made custom ordered coins. In the year 2002, GoldQuest changed to QNet and expanded operations to include selling travel packages and consumer goods. QNet currently sells over thirty different brands of products that fall into about nine various categories in more than one hundred countries around the world. Using a direct selling and multi-level marketing model as their selling strategy, Qnet relies on third party independent agents who arranged into teams.

QNet’s business strategy, a direct selling strategy, is very different from malicious, unethical, illegal multi-level marketing schemes and pyramid marketing schemes. Direct selling is perfectly moral, ethical, and legal, and allows independent contractors who work on behalf of QNet to sell their product however they see fit. Check out the company’s new app in the Google Play store.

That’s right – no more listening to the big boss man upstairs about exactly how to do one’s job, when one can do it however they want to. Independent representatives of QNet can market and advertise their product on bulletin boards at workplaces, on free blogs and social media websites, spread word to neighbors, and contact friends and family to see if they would happen to know anyone that may be interested in purchasing products from certified, authorized QNet vendors.

QNet has plans to open up a new production facility in the country of India. The production center is planned to produce various consumer goods and electronic devices. The production center is not only going to benefit QNet as a company because QNet’s subsidiaries in India have done extremely well the past few years, but it is also going to benefit the local economy of wherever it is constructed and operated, and the inhabitants of local towns.

QNet currently has offices all around Asia, including the United Arab Emirates, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Rwanda, Egypt, Nepal, and Turkey, to name a few. One of the reasons QNet has proved to be so successful is because of their wide reach to consumers all over the world. Keep in mind the QNet has operations in excess of one hundred countries across the globe. Being able to tailor certain brands of products to different countries is ideal for QNet, because different demographics prefer different products.

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