Raj Fernando is a Shrewd Marketing Professional 

Building a successful career in marketing is a bit hard due to the unstable nature of the market. The rules of engagement and tools of trade keep changing on a regular basis. Even the established marketing professionals must devise strategic plans to remain relevant in the ever-changing market. Raj Fernando is a marketing genius, who has cemented a top niche in the marketing arena. He is the brains behind several successful startups and trading corporations.

Raj is the owner and CEO of Scoutahead, an established Internet startup that allows businesses, professionals, and ambitious young entrepreneurs to access information required to amass profits or build stable careers. The startup was launched in 2016 and currently, it is experiencing a fast-paced growth.

Career breakthrough

Fernando became a part time trader while studying at Wisconsin-based Beloit College. He started out as a volunteer at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and then moved to Chicago Board of Trade. Leveraging his professional expertise, academic knowledge, and creativity, Raj launched Chopper Trading. As the CEO of the firm, he recruited more than 250 workers and traded Cantor Fitzgerald-espeed, Nasdaq, and Eurex. His hands-on approach was instrumental in the success of Chopper Trading. During the interview, he allowed potential employees to meet and interact with the firm’s staff. This move resulted in a higher rate of employee retention.

Other interests

Raj was a strong supporter of US Commodity Trading Futures Commission’s (CFTC) work and mission of promoting open, financially stable, competitive, and transparent markets. In 2010, he was one of the guest speakers during the CFTC’s debate on disruptive trading practices. In 2013, Raj spoke to a global audience of media personalities and shareholders at the Rosenblatt Global Exchange Leader Conference that is held annually.

Philanthropic activities

Raj impacts positively on the initiatives of community-based organizations, especially in Chicago. He serves the Chicago Symphony Orchestra as a member of the board of trustees. He also supports activities of PAWS Chicago, a charitable organization that champions the rights of animals. Raj has funded and supported major foundations such as the Big Brothers Big Sisters, Clinton Foundation, and Wounded Warriors.

Fernando @ Social Media: Facebook.com/RajivFernano

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