Real Estate Investor Jim Toner Talks Life Principles

Jim Toner is a successful real estate investor, public speaker, host of a radio show, and consultant. Toner has spoken at many locations in the country and made appearances with a variety of respected real estate experts.

Jim specializes in “user-friendly” real estate investment education and individuals interested in the education he provides routinely pay thousands of dollars to hear him speak.

Recently, real estate entrepreneur Jim Toner sat down for a few questions.

What Was The Inspiration For Band Of Rebels

The Band of Rebels more than a name to me, it’s a way of thinking. Our group is comprised of experienced real estate people that are comfortable in the trenches. Because of this, many of us have developed somewhat rebel attitudes toward the system.

What Is A Typical Day Like For You

My day usually begins at about 5:30 A.M. I usually take about half an hour to clear my head then head to the gym. I am a regular at the gym and can’t tell you how much it helps me in both my business and personal life.

I either read or take in a podcast while I work out in order to kill two birds with one stone.

How Do You Make Your Ideas Reality

I like the Nike motto “Just Do It.” People get in the habit of over thinking things and never develop momentum because they fail to take action. There are other people who deter themselves with thoughts of their ideas not working. I feel that if it doesn’t work what have you lost?

Are There Any Present Trends That Excite You

As mentioned in, Jim said, “I am really not into trends. I prefer to focus on fundamentals or more to the point things that do not change. Whenever I hear someone talk about changes and trends I tend to move in the other direction.

If I did have to pick a current trend I would definitely say podcasts. It is the new reading.”

Do You Have A Habit That Makes You Successful

Like I said earlier, the gym has been a constant part of my life. I approach the gym like a battle. I mean really working out. Discipline can be learned at the gym that can be applied in all walks of life.

What Advice Do You Have For A Young Jim Toner

Life is a battle for everyone. There is no way to avoid the fire. I have had many ups and a few serious downs in my life. At the down times I felt I would fall apart but now I realize it was just part of the process.

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