Real Estate Professional Haidar Barbouti

The world of real estate is one that many people around the world will need to pay careful attention to during various parts of their lives. When people are first starting out in life, they often look to buy a house that allows them to put down roots and start earning equity in order to build up a nest egg. As people grow, they may look for a much larger house they can buy in order to accommodate all members of their growing family. In many instances, people will also want to consider investing in real estate in other ways as well such as buying a two family house or a commercial property they can own in order to rent out for additional income.

Help during this process is vital. Someone who knows the real estate market in any given area can be a huge asset as the person searches for a specific property that will meet their needs in every possible way. Haidar Barbouti is someone who knows a great deal about all aspects of real estate management and development. Under his leadership, the world of Houston real estate has been transformed. Barbouti is a graduate of Columbia University in New York City. After leaving the college, he decided that the field of property management was the ideal place for his talents and experience. His work since then here has focused on many aspects of real estate management including work in the field of commercial real estate that is designed to help Houston a better place to live and work.

In the last few decades, Barbouti’s work has focused on the field of mall management. His work has helped make the Highland Village Shopping Center a far better place to shop. The Highland Village shopping center is one of the oldest shopping centers in both Houston and the United States. His work has also focused heavily on modernizing the shopping center in order to help make this center much more attractive to both shoppers and potential retailers who may want to do business here and reach out to customers all across the entire Houston region. Both retailers and customers alike have greatly benefited from having access to a retail space that is modern, elegant, relaxing and full of light even on the gloomiest day. Houstanians of all backgrounds have found here a space where they can all happily meet.

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