Ricardo Guimares’ BMG Bank Is Winning The Hearts Of Customers and Investors Alike

The relatively new banking industry of Brazil, which started in 2015, has seen the rise of many new and smaller banks in the country where the banking sector is dominated by a few big corporations, these including the BMG Bank. The BMG Bank, as well as Bradesco, the tyrant of the industry, are some of the most successful and strongest national banks in Brazil, and among them, there are even a few that have a strong international presence like CityBank, which has a reputation of being one of the best banks for people with wealth.

The new smaller banks that have been rising in Brazil, as a result of the crisis that hit the nation since 2014, gives customers some alternative and unique services such as Unibank and the new services of the BMG Bank, which lets their customers invest on national treasures. Ricardo Guimarães also called the attention that there’s also another prominent new small bank called the “Intermedium Bank” which has recently been renamed as Bank Inter.

However, even with the rise of so many banks, and of course the presence of the big enterprises that have dominated the banking industry of Brazil and the metropolitan centers of São Paulo, Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro and the south, BMG remains as one of the most loved banks by Brazilians, be it regular customers or the biggest investors alike. Most likely it is because BMG gives customers plenty of options when it comes to banking and provides their investors with a user-friendly platform that makes it easier for them to invest.

One of the most influential and wealthiest families in Brazil, the Guimarães Family, from where Ricardo Guimarães, the CEO of the enterprise, came, owns the BMG Bank. The current CEO Ricardo Guimarães has also become renowned in the banking industry as one of its most accomplished CEO’s.

During his father’s absence, Ricardo took on the role of CEO in order to lead the company and has since proven his merit, and through these, all the members of the board of BMG and other staff knew that Ricardo could lead the company to greater heights despite fierce competition from other banks. All of these allowed Ricardo to keep the position of Chief Executive Officer and lead the BMG Bank staff through all of their business decisions.

BMG may not be the cheapest or the best one when it comes to availability, compared to its competition, but BMG keeps earning the hearts and trust of customers as well as the most influential investors in Brazil because they put their customers and partners always at first. Never has a customer seeking professional assistance from BMG fail to make contact with one and when it comes to bank transactions, BMG never makes their customers wait unnecessary long periods of time.

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