Ricardo Tosto The Legal Mind

A career in law is highly respected in Brazil-a litigious country, due to the strict laws and programs put in place, for the law human resource. As a result, Brazil has the largest number of law schools in the world that instill knowledge to the rising number of legitimate professionals. These schools are 1,240, while the rest of the world has 1,100, making Brazil the country with the highest number of lawyers in the world, who make about 500,000 registered and over 3 million law graduates. All these lawyers are governed by the federal law that is the supreme law and the Constitution

Before a law student is admitted to the bar, they have to take at least five years at the university, and later qualify the custom-fit Brazilian Bar examination (Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil).This gives Brazilian graduates an edge in the legal market, as they can work on any legal sector from tax law, to law teaching, and prosecution, among others.

The Brazilian law is not only contradicting, but also rigid and as a result, it requires specialized legal minds. For this reason, the country offers quality law education that has produced a great number of competent and highly sought-after lawyers. Some of the lawyers can be found online depending on the legal field you need assistance in, and among them is Ricardo Tosto. He is an authorized legal counsel from International Bar Association with over 22 years of experience, of service to government officials, multinationals, politicians, and business people.For this reason, Ricardo Tosto is recognized locally and globally for his competency in winning most cases in Brazil.

Through his Leite Tosto Law firm, Ricardo offers administrative law, civil law, bankruptcy, election law, credit recovery to his clients. Additionally, the firm is popularly known for mass litigation and criminal litigation cases, which are common in his country. Through this, he has played significant roles like enacting policies that affect the laws of the land and are of economic importance. Among the policies is the mass action model that most legal minds have ignored, but has now been at the forefront in any legal activity. Moreover, Leite Tosto firm provides a platform for young associates to train under Tosto.

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