Robert Ivy And American Institute Of Architects In The 21st Century

Robert Ivy is now both the Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of American Institute of Architects (AIA) and earned his CEO position in 2011. Mr. Ivy is the man behind many projects in architectural designs, innovative building planning and urbanization efforts that address the modern challenges of population increase and modern transportation

Ivy’s Interests

The master’s degree in architecture of Mr. Robert Ivy came from Tulane University and it is his education from this reputable institution that gave him the drive to create dynamic changes in the architecture industry. Right now, Mr. Ivy devotes his time in branding architecture as a need and a demand for the world.

He is also most interested in making sure that the needs of the public is given priority in creating urban designs, as well as making sure that climate change issues are made top priority.

Journalistic Past

Robert also showed great acumen in being an Editor in Chief for Architectural Record, a journal that paved way for becoming the world’s most popular authority journal on architecture.

He also became Vice President and the esteemed Director of McGraw-Hill Construction Media, which included major publications, such as Snap, Greensource and HQ Magazine.

Robert Ivy also American Institute of Architects”>wrote the autobiography “Fay Jones: Architect” in 2001 to showcase the impressive work of the renowned American architect who started as Frank Lloyd Wright’s apprentice

Awards and Leadership

With the journalistic record of Robert, it’s not surprising to see the awards veiled over him. The leadership he offered had produced Architectural Record numerous accolades and honors, which include the most sought-after Premier Magazine Journalism Award.

With his excellent performance, the journal he led also receieved an unusual award for the category it is in, which is the General Excellence Recognition from the American Society of Magazine. His work also got him the 2008 MPA Digital Award for Website of the Year, for the Enthusiast brand.

Being a corporate executive also gave Robert the skills and confidence to now lead the American Institute Of Architects (AIA), which is composed of 87,890 members. He is now embarking on one of the most ambitious and exciting projects in his career, which is to rebrand and heighten the relevance of AIA in the 21st century.

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