Rocketship Education – A School Dedicated To Change

Rocketship Education is a public charter school founded in 2007. The history of the school leads back to 1999 with a pastor known as Mateo Sheedy. Mateo had discovered that many of the children in his parish did not have the academic requirements to attend a university. Due to this, he had started to make a plan to improve education quality in the community. Mateo had unfortunately died before reaching his goal. His death brought his parishioners to reach out to two people named John Danner and Preston Smith. These two people led to the opening of Rocketship Mateo Speedy Elementary School.

Since 2007, Rocketship Education has been about transformation. Their goal has been to change the community around by offering a quality education to low-income families. Offering an education as such has helped children in the community to be successful later on in life. They want to give children the education they deserve and need.

Rocketship Education is found nationwide. The opening of these schools has brought an extensive amount of success to children. The success of the children derives from three beliefs that Rocketship Education follows. The first belief is that teachers create transformational schools. Due to this, the school ensures that they are dedicated to training teachers to make an impact on students. Along with this, Rocketship Education also believes that every student has a unique set of needs. Because of this, they allow students to learn in their own way. Lastly, Rocketship Education thinks that parents are essential in the learning process. This thought brings parents to become leaders in the school and leads them to become advocates for their children.

Over the past 10 years, Rocketship Education rose to become one of the best public charter schools. Six of their locations have been named as the top performers in the Bay Area. Along with this, a study done shows that students who attended Rocketship Education have been far ahead of their peers in middle school. These statistics show that Rocketship Education has done a good job at transforming the way children learn within these communities.

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