Rona Borre is a Chicago Business Phenomenon

When Rona Borre formed her company Instant Alliance in 2001, she had some definite objectives in mind. She had just left a global staffing, and recruiting company where she had surpasses all of the sales records the company had ever recorded.

Borre saw that there was much more a staffing company could do to provide value to the business community at large, so she formed her entity to prove it. And prove it she has. Instant Alliance bills in the millions of dollars, working with Fortune 500 companies as well as mid-sized and smaller firms.  Learn from Borre,  hop over to

Borre forms close relationships with clients to find out exactly what they need regarding talent and what must be done to be sure that the new hires fit the culture and objectives of the client. Only then does Rona Borre and her talented account executives go out and find that person. The results are the final judge as there is only a 1% turnover for all of the placements made by Instant Alliance over the years.  Check this!

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