Rona Borre Shakes the Tree and Gets Candidates

Rona Borre is a unique and fascinating individual. She is the founder and CEO of Instant Alliance, a Chicago staffing, and recruiting company which hires mostly financial and technological professionals for up and coming firms who are looking to move to the next level.

The instant Alliance has grown from a small startup in 2001 to one of the leading staffing and recruiting companies in the nation. The reason is that Borre works against the grain and is not afraid to put her words and ideas into practice. There is one practice that Borre says causes staffing firms a certain amount of failure and frustration.

The usual practice is to put out a request for an employee, and then they play the resume game and have hundreds of people who interview with HR. It is like a cattle call, and finally, the wrong person is hired because everyone gets tired of the hassle.  Watch her give talk, click on

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Borre takes a different approach. She and her colleagues forge a very strong relationship with the top brass of the company requesting hires and discover the exact type of person that is needed, down to the color of his or her socks. Then they move heaven and earth to find that person. The result is a less than 1% attrition rate once that person is hired. That figure is unmatched in the industry.  Related article on

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