Russian Money Is Just One Aspect of a Bigger Problem

The Robert Mueller investigation into Russia’s use of Facebook ads to influence the 2016 Presidential election, has not only spotlighted the vulnerability of our election process, but also congress’s reluctance to take steps to something about it. Stemming from the misguided passage of Citizens United by the Supreme Court, both foreign powers and corporate entities have become embolden to spend unlimited and unaccountable amounts of money to sway elections to serve their needs.

Clandestine donations from big corporations and foreign entities undermines the fundamental trust that society has in the political process and erodes the nations belief in democracy. If these highly resourceful and well funded corporations and foreign powers seek to pump money in political process in ways that are not traceable, how can the average citizen not believe that the process is rigged? How can they believe that the process is fair and equal, when these entities, through a flood of money, can drown out one candidate’s voice while championing another.

For years, Republicans have sought to keep the path clear for their big donors to continue channeling money to their candidates and causes. They fight to maintain these paths even though these loopholes are how foreign entities gain access to influence the American political process. They are not, however, going unchallenged.

Democrats have been fighting the good fight for years trying to get money out of politics. Through measures such as the Disclosure Act, the By The People Reform package, and the Get Foreign Money Out of U.S. Elections Act, democrats have been striving for transparency in donations, reduction of big money, and closing loopholes to foreign involvement in American elections. End Citizens United has been an ally to democrats in this fight, supporting candidates and causes nationwide at all levels of government.

End Citizens United was founded with the singular purpose of returning the elective process to the people. It is a political action committee created to rollback the Supreme decision Citizens United. In that decision, the court ruled that corporations and unions can spend unfettered in the political process as longs as said spending is independent. This decision lifts restrictions of corporate spending in elections that goes back to the founding fathers. They saw the harm in allowing unrestricted corporate influence in the political process and by essentially viewing corporations as people, with the same rights and privileges, the Supreme Court has allowed this harm to take hold.

It is the belief of End Citizens United that this decision drastically and negatively effects the democratic process by shifting the power in elections to the wealthy few and for making corruption of the political process much easier. End Citizens United is dedicated to changing this in a number of ways. First and foremost, End Citizens United rallies, supports, and promotes democratic candidates who champion real campaign finance reform and who are dedicated to overturning Citizens United. Those candidates who are under fire from huge corporations and big donors who strive to maintain the status quo will have a partner in End Citizens United.

End Citizens United stays relevant in the struggle engaging the masses where they frequent and by back strong democratic candidates who support the cause. The Pac has a strong presence on social media, through Facebook and Twitter, where they seek to educate and mobilize the public to take action. They are also backing democratic candidates, such as, incumbent Angus King and challenger Doug Jones in the next election just to name a few. The goal is to populate congress with the kind of members who possess the political strength and courage necessary to affect positive change.

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