Sanjay Shah and Solo Capital Rise to the Top

Life often takes people places that they don’t necessarily expect. That was the case for Sanjay Shah. During his early years he had always dreamed of becoming a doctor and was well on his way to completing his medical training when he had a change of heart. This second guessing led Shay to change his major and get a degree in finance. It was through this process that he found his way into the banking industry and worked for several investment banking firms. When the financial crisis of 2008 hit. Instead of accepting his fate and losing his job, Shah decided to take a different path for his success. He started his own brokerage firm called Solo Capital Markets. That is where this story really gets interesting.

This international boutique style financial services firm established itself quickly as one of London’s up and coming businesses. Shah was the moving force behind the success of Solo Capital. He quickly set about to hiring a very talented and business savvy group that would help push the company and its clients into success. They worked in all areas of finance including, talent acquisition, proprietary trading, commodities, consulting, professional sports investments and derivatives.

Solo Capital quickly established a worldwide base of clients who were very happy with the results they got from their investments. It was not long before Solo Capital and their influence started to span the globe. Shah was not satisfied with simply becoming successful. He wanted to give back to the world as well. His real charitable passion developed due to a personal tragedy. His youngest son was diagnosed with autism and he wanted to help find better treatment and raise awareness of this affliction. That is when Shah put all of his business and promotional skill together and founded Autism Rocks.

Autism Rocks is a invitation only charity concert series featuring some of the most popular performers in the world. The money raised has been in the millions of dollars and they have featured performers as well known as Snoop Dog and Prince. The Shah family is involved in the process and is continually expanding the roster of performers and number of concerts in order to raise awareness in the general population about autism and how it affects families. The funds raised also regularly go to the Autism Research Center at Cambridge University.

Sanjay Shah has been successful on many levels in his life. His success is an inspiration to inspiring entrepreneurs. He is also a shining example of carrying through with the responsibility of giving back to the world. His charitable donations have changed the lives of thousands of people and his support of autism research may ultimately lead to a cure.

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