Sanjay Shah: Generous Creator of Autism Rocks

Autism is a syndrome that has not been properly represented or supported in our world, or even within our country. However, that certainly changed when the campaign entitled “Autism Rocks” came into the spotlight beginning in 2014. As quoted on the foundation’s website, “Autism Rocks is dedicated to Serving and Celebrating People on the Autism Spectrum through Art, Recreation and Community.” It is a foundation with a worthy and exciting cause which deserves the recognition it is now receiving.

Sanjay Shah is the individual who created this wonderful foundation. His youngest son was diagnosed with autism in 2011, after which Shah was determined to bring attention to the disorder and raise funds for better research and care. Sanjay Shah and his wife, Usha, had quite a scare in the year of 2011, when their youngest son began having terrible reactions to food. Soon, their son was not able to keep food down at all, at which point, the family visited a hospital to get answers and help for their son. After visiting several medical and psychological experts, it was discovered that the youngest Shah son, Nikhil, was Autistic. It is widely known within the Autism community that the syndrome is linked with a high intolerance to many different kinds of food. The family intended to get all of the necessary help for their child, but discovered quite a shock upon returning to their home country, Dubai. The Dubai Center for Autism had a 5 year waiting list. The center was also greatly in need of money to fund for adequate care.

Sanjay is fortunate enough to have had the resources not only to get care for his child, but also to donate to the Autism Center. His generous donations consisted not only of financial means, but also a donation of two mini-buses with which the center is able to transport their clients. Shah feels that he is fortunate because many of his colleagues are also in a position where they can donate their resources as well.

Shah has been very successful in generating wealth through starting his own brokerage business. This was the beginning of a company that would soon be called “Solo Capital”. Only 5 years later, the business was worth an impressive $280 million. Sanjay Shah differs from many other wealthy philanthropists by way of his generous heart and remarkable donations. His creative solutions to the lack of care for autistic individuals has had a lasting impression upon people around the world.

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