Sanjay Shah’s Essential Role in Autism Awareness Creation.

Sanjay Shah is a popular United Kingdom-based business mogul and a renowned philanthropist. He is the founder of two major institutions, which are Solo Capital and Autism Rocks. Solo Capital is a global company that deals with finances and is regulated by the United Kingdom government. The company was formed after Sanjay Shah left his job as an investment banking accountant. Before joining the financial sector, he was a medical professional but did not have the passion for pursuing that career. Sanjay Shah is the proprietor of several other businesses in Malta, The Cayman Islands, Luxembourg, The British Virgin Islands and London. His net worth in January 2016 is estimated to be around 280 million dollars.

Mr. Shah established the Autism Rocks charity organization to assists in raising funds to facilitate the creation of awareness of the autism and research on the condition. He decided to start the foundation after he realized that his youngest son was affected by the neurodevelopmental disorder. Children who are affected by the autism disease have signs such as poor speech, and they are not able to socialize with people quickly. The neurological problem entirely affects the life of a child. It is crucial to carry out research on how to prevent and heal it.

Eric Dye, a presenter of the Enterprise Radio, which is controlled by the Entrepreneurial Podcast Network, recently interview Sanjay Shah during his radio show. The show provides an opportunity to entrepreneurs who are still developing to get motivation, business advice, knowledge and coverage of tycoons across the world. The interview informed the listeners on various issues which include how Autism Rocks was established, its 2016 plan of activities and how entrepreneurs can succeed in their businesses.

Autism Rocks’ funds are raised through throwing music concerts where various celebrities are invited to perform. Snoop Dogg is the initiator of this brilliant idea. The first concert of the organization was conducted in 2014, and Prince was one of the celebrities who were invited to entertain the crowd. Over the past few years, the charity has had some events and has gladly worked with famous DJs and musicians such as Michael Buble, Lenny, Snoop Dogg and Drake. This year’s concert will feature a lot of fun activities which, will make it a family event. Florida and Tyga are scheduled to perform at the event. More information and news about Autism Rock’s past and future events can be found on the firm’s website.


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