Scandal Is The Hottest New Lime Crime Lip Color

When you’re out on the town, leading an important business meeting, or out on a date; you want to look gorgeous and fearless. You want to show everyone else that you’re in charge and you have it all together. Apart from all of that, you also want to stand apart from everyone else. That’s when makeup comes in handy. Makeup allows a person to have a unique look that’s also put together and entirely their own.


Everyone is different and they have that one cosmetic they gravitate towards. For many, it’s lipstick. Lipstick is easy to apply and it totally reinvents and rejuvenates someones look. Unfortunately, not all lipsticks are created equally. Sometimes lipstick cracks, looks chunky, and has a funky color. That’s not the case at all with the lip line from Lime Crime. Founder Doe Deere loves lipsticks and she’s made it her calling to come up with new and exciting colors. Each color she has created glides on smoothly, looks flawless, and is long lasting.


Deere discovered there was a need for lipstick of different colors when she went to a store and could only find pinks and reds. That’s when she developed a whole line of Velvetines. Her Velvetines glide on perfectly and they stay put for the whole day! They come in a large variety of colors so there’s sure to be one to suit the needs of any man or woman. The best part is that these colors are cruelty-free meaning that anyone can enjoy it. The Velvetines has a new member. Lime Crime recently launched their newest color called Scandal. It’s a deep purple color that is absolutely perfect for this season. It’s violet shade stands out and it’s the perfect compliment to absolutely any colored outfit. Scandal also goes well with any skin tone. The PRNewswire the rich color is intense. It’s sure to make a statement.


The founder of Lime Crime even wears Scandal which shows how much confidence she has in her product. She also looks flawless in it. Overall, Lime Crime is a great line of cosmetics and Scandal is sure to be a staple in it.

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