Securus Technologies Eliminating the Use of Drones for Contraband Supply

Drones have suddenly become a cause of concern in the world of corrections as they are used to supply drugs, weapons, and other contraband items to the prison. The drones are small in size and are fast enough to move and transport contraband in prison. Many criminals have been using the latest technology of drones to supply contraband to the prison, and it has become a standard practice these days. Securus Technologies is a company that continues to make a positive impact on the correctional sector.


The inmates use the contraband phones to coordinate with the criminals who are outside the jail and fix the time of contraband drop and place using the drone. It has become difficult for the correctional officers to predict when the drones would enter the airspace of the prison and drop the contraband package. Even though some of the contraband packages are seized from time to time, many such packages are not recovered and unfortunately, get in the hand of the inmates as desired by the criminals. Many of these packages contain weapons as well, which can potentially put the lives of many inmates and officers in danger.


Securus Technologies has developed the only drone detection technology in the market. It is this technology that would help in detecting the entry and presence of drone in the prison space. The drones cannot be manually identified always, but with the help of drone detection technology, it would become easier to find the drone as soon as it enters the airspace of the prison. The correctional officers would not only be able to locate where the drone is but would also get the time needed to shot down the drone before it gets away after dropping the contraband. The incidents of contraband supply through drone would reduce drastically with the help of the drone detection technology.



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