Sheldon Lavin Has An Inspirational Story In The Business World:

Sheldon Lavin is an American businessman with a very inspirational story. He is synonymous with the food service meat processing and wholesale brand OSI Group. Sheldon has been with the company since 1970 and in that time achieved the impressive accomplishment of turning what was a regional food wholesale business with a few big accounts into a global leader in the industry of creative food solutions for the foodservice and retail industries.

Sheldon has an educational background in business, finance and accounting that he accrued from the University of Illinois, Northwestern and Roosevelt University. After completing his studies he went into business for himself as a financial consultant. This led him to a relationshipo with the food company Otto & Sons. Sheldon helped the firm acquire financing for a major expansion of its operations. The ownership group at Otto & Sons was so impressed with Sheldon’s abilities that he was brought into the food business. A name change to OSI Group occurred in 1975 and Sheldon became the full owner of the company when the original family members of the company retired from the business. A huge push that Sheldon has facilitated during his time running OSI Group has been for growth. He focused the company’s expansion in North America during the 70s, while starting to branch out. Worldwide expansion began in full in the 80s and 90s and now the company is a recognized brand worldwide.

2016 was an award-winning year for OSI Group and for Sheldon Lavin. The company was rewarded with recognition of the constant priority it puts on its operations being environmentally sustainable. The British Safety Council awards its Globe of Honour Award every year to companies who qualify for nomination by attaining a 5-Star rating. OSI Group achieved this rating and was chosen as a recipient of the prestigious British award. That same year, OSI Group’s legendary Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board, Sheldon Lavin, was the recipient of India’s Vision World Academy’s prestigious Global Visionary Award. This is an award presented yearly to individuals who have accomplished amazing and inspirational things in their lives. Sheldon Lavin was recognized for the amazing accomplished that he achieved through perseverance. His success of turning OSI Group into a global powerhouse in the food industry makes his a deserving recipient of the great award. When all is said and done, Sheldon is the type of boss that will give the credit to his employees. At OSI Group, everyone is a family and these accomplishments are gained through group perseverance.

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