Should Andy Wirth Be Declared an Honorary Navy SEAL?


Very nearly dying after severing his arm in a skydiving accident, Andy Wirth has struggled through tough surgeries, intense pain, and long-term physical therapy. He says his life has finally returned to nearly normal, and along the way he made some new friends who are intimately familiar with painful struggles and know the true definitions of courage: the US Navy SEALs. He met them training near his home while he was training for the Ironman Triathalon, which has become an important part of his overall recovery process.

Many of the Navy SEALs have become his close friends. Mr. Wirth says his recovery has been improved immensely by the Seals’ counsel, their spirit, and stories. For the 2015 IRONMAN competitive event in Lake Tahoe, California, He has built a team, including some former members of the Navy SEALs, the most revered warfare specialists in the world. He has named the team: ‘Special Warfare Warrior,’ and states that they will work to raise more support for the Navy SEAL Foundation. This Foundation provides assistance, both in the short term and long term to the whole community of Naval Special Warfare members and their families.

During his recovery Andy Wirth has kept in mind the SEALs’ stories of their incredible challenges that they and their families have struggled through. From them Mr. Wirth says he has learned the true definition of courage, which has motivated him to work hard on his own recovery. They taught him that courage is not really in their dominating strength, as much as when a person no longer has any strength, yet is able to find some way to press on and always be advancing. Please consider supporting Andy Wirth and the whole Special Warfare Warrior team as they compete to build support for this very important cause, which affects not only these military iron men, but also all their families as well.

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