Stream Energy: Providing Energy to Hurricane Victims

The state of Texas was devastated by Hurricane Harvey, considered as one of the costliest natural disasters in the history of the United States. The hurricane caused chaos in the coastal areas of Texas, and it flooded metropolis and cities within the state. The cost of the damages from the hurricane was estimated to be billions of dollars, and it left many families without a home. After wreaking havoc in Texas, several companies have banded together to extend their assistance to those who are greatly affected by the hurricane. Stream Energy, one of the leading energy providers  in the country today, is one of the first respondents after the hurricane onslaught. The company is based in Dallas, Texas, and the head of the company stated that a lot of their employees have also perished when the hurricane hit. Some have lost their entire properties, and they wanted to help them rebuild.

Stream Energy initiated their relief efforts  through their philanthropic arm called Stream Cares. The company handed out $25,000 worth of assistance to the victims of the hurricane, and they stated that more would follow. Stream Energy stated that the money they donated would be used to buy the necessities which the survivors need the most. The company also had to team up with non-government organizations and other groups assisting in the relief efforts to provide additional care for those who were affected by Hurricane Harvey. The catastrophic damage that the hurricane left in the state looks apocalyptic, and it was a miracle that a lot of people survived. However, they were left with little to no power, and communication is difficult.

Stream Energy helped the victims by checking out the condition of the electricity in areas that were greatly affected. The company stated that they would be fixing some of the broken lines as fast as they could, and they will also be providing additional services to the families so that they can start over. The hurricane has toppled a huge amount of electric poles, and energy providers in the state are struggling to find out how they can restore electricity in the shortest amount of time.

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