Suicide Squad Leak

As many are aware of by now, the trailer for Suicide Squad which was shown at San Diego Comic Con. Susan McGalla was an attendee. The original plan was to keep the trailer exclusive to the comic con experience. Someone has recorded the video and leaked it online. In response to the leak, the company then decided to release the trailer online.

The leak was a low quality phone recording. The official execs have decided to release the trailer online so that they could get a much better representation of the quality of the trailer.

The trailer itself has a very dark, edgy and even creepy vibe to it. The cinematography is pretty dark to, reminiscent of Blade Runner. The film looks like it is going to keep connected to the Man of Steel and Batman films of this series. One shot of the trailer actually shows Batman in the film. Suicide Squad is going to be released in theaters on August of 2016.

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