Susan McGalla on success as as woman in business

For many the glass ceiling shattered long ago; unfortunately, it appears to have left some shards intact.It is often asserted that success is possible for anyone through hard work and good ideas. This, however, doesn’t feel like the case for many women who work in the corporate world.Despite the benefits, many companies seem late to embrace diversity. While there are plenty of organizations that provide support for women; these organizations focus on helping female leaders network with one another. Although this is useful and supportive, it’s success is limited. Some people suggest that executive mentorship can help address the issue.

Another way that women hoping to make it in the business world can improve their chances is by looking to those who have already found success. A great example of one such woman is Susan McGalla. McGalla was raised in East Liverpool, Ohio with two brothers and her father who was a local football coach.Her family never let McGalla feel her gender limited her options and that gave her confidence to interact with men as well as women. McGalla attended Mount union college where she earned a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing. The earliest parts of her career began at Joseph Horne Company where she fulfilled various roles until 1994. From there, she moved to American Eagle Outfitters where she worked her way up through several positions until becoming President and CMO. After leaving, she founded P3 Executive Consulting. McGalla currently acts as Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Susan McGalla takes time out of her schedule to share her success with other women hoping to succeed in the corporate world. She has given speeches to groups such as the women and Girl’s foundation of Pittsburgh and the Carnegie Mellon University Speaker Series for CEOs. She enjoys being able to share her story and offer useful advice to women who want to be noticed for their ideas, instead of their novelty.

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