Susan McGalla’s Life and Career

Women who want advice on how to make it in their careers may find the information available out there as too generic. Susan McGalla is fully aware of the needs of these women, and has spoken to them on quite a number of forums including the Carnegie Mellon University Speaker Series for CEOs and the Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh. She is experienced in branding, operational efficiencies, talent management and marketing.

Susan McGalla of SUSANMCGALLA.COM is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. Having being in the game for quite a while, she offers women practical advice and an authentic perspective. She recognizes the fact that, nowadays, women want their own space in the professional field. To her, this evolution is encouraging.

Throughout her childhood, Susan was never belittled by the idea that she was a girl. Growing up around boys and being brought up by a football coach father, she was always encouraged to confidently present her ideas. Her father never cut her some slack just because of her gender.

That kind of upbringing made Susan comfortable whenever she was working with or around any gender. These valuable lessons from her childhood days have contributed immensely to the success in her career.

After graduating from Mount Union College with a BA in business and marketing, she started her career at Joseph Horne Company in 1986, where she worked in various positions before leaving in 1994. But Susan will always be remembered for her time in American Eagle Outfitters, Inc., which she joined a year later.

When she joined, the highest positions in the company and in the board of governors were predominantly held by the men. This did not stop her from excelling in her career and progressively climbing the corporate ladder. Consequently, this inspired a cultural change, and women also began to fill the executive positions in the company.

Starting her career in the company as a divisional merchandise buyer for women’s clothing, she later became president of the American Eagle Brand before finally becoming the chief merchandising officer and president of the whole company. During her time, 77kids brands and the company’s aerie were launched.

In 2009, Susan left American Eagle Inc. to become a private consultant. In 2011, she succeeded Ed Thomas to become the CEO of Wet Seal Inc. She left a year later and founded P3 Executive Consulting. She offers advice to those interested in financial investment and retail industries.

Susan’s success can be attributed to her passion, flexibility and hard work. Her gender never made her lose sight of her goals and aspirations. She hopes that all women aspiring to be great in their careers carry on with the same approach and attitude.

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