Talk Fusion Making Strides For Independent Marketers

According to PRNewswire, Talk Fusion won the 2016 Product of the Year award from the Technology Marketing Corporation just this last August, a big award that recognizes some of the most innovative recently-developed marketing solutions. The product that earned Talk Fusion this award was their new webRTC recorder that allows users to record promotional videos for their company, and have them sent to customers through Talk Fusion’s email program. This is just one of Talk Fusion’s marketing products in the suite, and company executives Bob Reina and Ryan Page are delighted with the results their product sales have brought. They believe this accomplishment signifies the professional quality of Talk Fusion’s brand, and recognizes the excellence of their business model.

Talk Fusion was a company born out of a random idea that founder and CEO Bob Reina had while on vacation. Reina is a former police officer who had decided to try a new career path that would allow him to earn pay on his own commissions, while at the same time allowing him to spend more time with his family. But while in the middle of this career change, he stumbled across a new idea to email videos to his family while on vacation. This was a problem that no current tech companies had tackled, and most said it was not possible to do, but Bob Reina decided to try it anyway and actually succeeded in making it happen. He decided to build upon this new product and turn it into a business.

Talk Fusion not only sells these video email and newsletter products to customers, but customers can also become associates who can sell the products to other customers and then earn a commission on them. Talk Fusion even has a free trial program where anyone interested in trying out the products can do so for 30 days, and they don’t need to sign up with a credit card or any electronic payment authorization. In addition to recording videos and sending them as emails, Talk Fusion also includes live chat and meeting programs, and signup forms for new customer leads.


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