Talk Fusion Targets Increased Sales

Talk Fusion is a video sharing, internet company founded by Bob Reina in Tampa, Florida. Reina began his company in 2007 and already has subscribers and sales agents in 140 countries. The Talk Fusion idea is to assist businesses involved in internet marketing by allowing subscriber businesses to include recorded and live videos on the web site and in person to person and group to group conferencing.

The idea of the business concept of Talk Fusion is to help subscriber businesses grow by making more sales. The marketing of Talk Fusion is being done on a multi-level marketing organization; representatives of the company earn immediate compensations when they sign up customers to become subscribers to Talk Fusion. The basic idea is similar to the very popular Skype communication system. Reina has designed Talk Fusion to be easy to use and promises to increase sales by customers by being able to include videos and video conferencing whenever subscribers are contacted by potential customers. Proponents of the Talk Fusion system often cite the saying that a picture is worth a 1000 words.

They extrapolate that to the length of a 90 second video and feel that the video will be definitive proof of the value of the product being advertised and that the potential customer should complete the deal. Here we are presented with a new sales situation: potential customers go to a website of a product they are interested in buying, find the product, but do not make the sale at that time. Products like Talk Fusion are designed to convince the prospective buyer to go ahead and make the sale. Because of the power and resources of the Internet, a company can know exactly how many customers visited their website and how many of those same customers bought on that visit. It is all about closing whether in person or over the Internet. Talk Fusion, simply, wants to help subscriber companies close more customers.


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