Tammy Mozzocco: On Top Of The Realtor Game


Tammy Mozzocco sees real estate as all-encompassing and her passion. She is her most productive through meditating, light stretching, and getting important tasks done first. Afterward, Tammy uses time blocks to get through the more difficult tasks. Tammy states that her ideas come to life through brainstorming, research, and in writing up a business plan. She enjoys dealing with lead companies that offer her live customers to speak with; she finds that the phone contact gives her a face-to-face appointment which can turn into a sale. As an entrepreneur, Tammy is most productive when she breaks her goals down to know what she has to do monthly, weekly, and daily. Over the years, Tammy learned not to take herself too seriously, take risks, and never settle. She admits that she has some shyness and is not outgoing – she doesn’t let these get her down. Tammy focuses on making her customers happy; customer service brings repeat business, with referrals making up 85% of her business.

In starting out, Tammy taught herself to overcome her discomfort with talking to others about financial matters and she was lost trying to pre-qualify leads. Increasing her comfort zone with customers came through reading scripts out loud that other agents used. Tammy gets out and talks about her business by bringing a jar or basket of desirable items to places like a teacher lounge or a fire station, asking if she can return in one month to bring more goodies along with more information.

Tammy Mozzocco began her career as a secretary for The Edwards Realty Company. She was part of a nine person team of commercial agents. For seven years she was a condominium manager at Scotland Yard Condominiums, where she received her license as an agent in 1995. Her manager, Ken Cook, of Scotland Yard, who also owned Cook Realty, taught and encouraged Tammy early in her career.

In the summer of 1998, Tammy worked for top RE/MAX producer as a licensed personal assistant. She assisted Joe Armeni, witnessing the ways of a highly successful agent, creating the drive for her to turn her real estate experience into a full-time career in 1999. Ever since, Tammy gained a new mentor in Judy Gang, and she sells real estate in various areas of Central Ohio.

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