Technological Advancement in Business Development

Business is one of the economic activities that many countries have invested in. There are different types of business entities that have attracted large number of people. Many countries have developed mechanism of ensuring that the profit made from the capital market is high. Due to this, many companies have developed and joined the changing business environment with aim of consolidating all aspect of the capital market. Both small and large business entities have developed and are riding on the global marketing platforms. The development of technology has also enhanced the expansion of business because of the various digital platforms. Technology has led to the emergence of the internet which offers quite a wide variety of business ideas. In addition, the internet has led to increased speed of doing business since the information can be accessed from any point. Governments across the globe have invested a lot in the digital platform. This necessitated the migration of countries from the analogue system of business to the digital system. Through these systems, the world has moved to become global village and the information needed for business growth can be accessed from any part of the world. Through technological development, many people have taken advantage of the available opportunities and have invested in the technological area of business.
Shaygan Kheradpiris a leading business and technological executive in the world. He was born and raised in London where he stayed with his father who was a doctor. He later moved to Switzerland for college education and finally moved to earn a Bachelors and Doctorate degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Cornell University, United States of America. This was the starting point of the successful gains that he later made in the technological industry. His starting work experience on was when he joined the GTE Laboratories as an Information Officer. Due to his advanced knowledge in the field of technology, he spearheaded the development of networking routing management systems which were later adopted by many companies. His wealth of experience made the company to develop more sophisticated routing systems that increased demand on the products. This earned him a promotion to the position of the chief information officer. After the company’s merger with Bell Atlantic in 2000, Shaygan Kheradpir developed his improved ideas on the products and was later promoted to be the Chief Information Officer. At Verizon communication, he developed improved products and automated all sectors of operation in the company. This later culminated in the increased sales of automated services to the customers thus leading to increased revenue.
After serving the company for more than 10 years, he moved and joined Barclays banks as the Chief Information Officer. During his stay at the bank, he led to the development of different consumer related softwares that were adopted by the bank. He led to the development of money transfer software that later generated increased income to the company. This software attracted a lot of customers who later joined the bank as clients thus maximizing on the profit output.

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