Technology and Fashion in Sync

According to Christopher Burch, fashion is influenced by what technology is popular. Through the 70s, 80s, and 90s, technology became more portable. The boombox was replaced by cassettes and then walkmans. Gurus were busy competing to see how small they could go with technological gadgets, ending up with iPods for everyone.


At the same time, the clothes fashion world has also followed the example of technology. Maxis, minis, barely there to painted-on clothes have kept in sync with the popular music players of the day.


Another example is the advancement in a cyclists world. From bike helmets to a collar worn around the neck, which is actually an airbag to protect their head perchance they have an accident.


Elsewhere, firefighters can now communicate life-saving messages with each other through specialized gloves. Designers create fantastic fashions out of recycled material. Kinetic energy from shoes is being developed to power phones and watches. The possibilities are endless.


Advances in technology at times weigh heavily on fashion. The stigma of wearing glasses can be instantly changed when worn on the catwalk so technicians can market Google glasses. Technology and fashion grow together as fashions become more functional and technology becomes more creative. What an exciting future we have as fashion and technology meld into very utilitarian and elegant commonplace treasures.


Christopher Burch has extensive experience in the business world. He specializes in technology, fashion and real estate. Even as an undergraduate, he and his brother grew an eye apparel idea into a multi-million business. He has an impressive and diverse investment portfolio and has contributed funds toward philanthropic initiatives and research.


Mr. Burch is a creative investor. Originally from Philadelphia which challenging learning disabilities and emotional issues to overcome. He had a very supportive family. Unable to get the help he needed, he isolated himself and developed the capacity to overcome many of his impediments by listening to late night radio talk shows. It helped him understand the world and set him on his incredible journey.

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