The Billionaire Entrepreneur Hussain Sajwani

Have you ever thought of how you can become a billionaire through entrepreneurship? Here is your challenge. Let me introduce you to this businessman named Hussain Sajwani. He started his business career in 1980’s in Dubai where he was running a food business service. He would provide food services to all Americans and American companies during the Iraq war in the 1990’s.


Hussain also provided the United States Army with catering services. In mid-1990’s he started several hotels to accommodate the growing population in Dubai due to the incoming traders. Fortunately, the Dubai government authorized foreigners to own property, and Hussain saw this as an opportunity to venture into this business since his family was also involved. This contributed to the growth of DAMAC Properties with Hussain being the founder and the CEO.


Hussain and his companies worked with different kinds of properties. These include property development like constructions of residential houses, commercial properties, and leisure houses. They deal widely with aspects of projects like acquisition of land, appointment of architects and designers, sales, and aftersales services.


Do you know that Hussain and Donald Trump are great friends? Yes, the two are business partners dealing with estate firms. They are having collaboration in the development of Trump’s International Golf Club.


Now let me elaborate to you more on DAMAC Group. This company has its headquarters in Dubai and was founded in the year 2002 by Hassan Ali Sajwani when he ventured into property business. Having owned some mid-market hotels in Deira, he established a firm foundation in real estate industry. The company deals with contentiously attractive property which entails engineering, Architecture, construction, and marketing services. They are still involved in food services as a reminder Sajwani’s first business.


Although this company deals with entrepreneurship, it has a hand in humanitarian value. They have greatly supported the campaign on clothing deprived children in the world by donating AED2million.He is much supportive to the lives of other people.


Has Hussain Sajwani challenged and motivated you? Then get inspired and start your business by remaining focused on your dream.

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