The Career Achievements of Andy Wirth as a Mountain Resort Administrator

Andy Wirth is a professional who has worked in the mountain resort and hotel industry for about 25 years. He joined the sector in 1986, and he presently works for the Squaw Valley Ski Holding as the CEO and president of the company. Andy has gained sufficient experience in the administration of resorts and has used his skills in changing the Squaw Valley Resort into a place that is preferred by many international tourists as a winter holiday destination. The administrator has a bachelor’s degree in science, which he was awarded from the Colorado University, and he also attended the Edinburgh University for his master’s degree.

Andy Wirth has spent most of his life serving in the parks. His grandfather was a US National Parks Service Director. He has also worked for the Rocky Mountain National Parks and the San Pedro Parks Wilderness Area where he was a ranger at the two resorts. Andy then got a job at the Steamboat Spring Resort, and he served the company as a marketing officer and an administrator of the Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation. Steamboat was later incorporated into the Intrawest in 2007 and Wirth got a new job at the firm as executive vice president.

Squaw Valley is a leading skiing resort that is has been operational for about seventy years. The Cushing family has been heading the firm for several years, and Nancy Cushing was the last CEO before Andy took over the role. Mr. Wirth was the supervisor of the $70 million renovations of the resort, which aimed at making it be at a level that can allow it to compete with other resorts. The reputation of the Squaw Valley Resort grew within one year, and it became among the leading resorts in the industry. The firm bought the Alpine Meadows Ski Resort, and Mr. Wirth is currently the CEO of the two hotels. The Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation hired Andy to serve as its CEO as from 2016. The firm was founded in June 2001, and it has been committed to bringing more tourists to the Reno-Tahoe.

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