The Chainsmokers, Obstacles Of Today

The DJ collaboration that is Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart have swept the nation worldwide and have switched gears with their latest release that is named after the generational curse we live in as of currently. This title is officially dubbed Sick Boy and it is a photo finish of the state of affairs that the country and the world faces with technology and the mixture of social matters thru programs such as Facebook and Snapchat. In Sick Boy the crowds roared with enthusiasm as the band spoke about the narcissistic tendencies that come with the territory of using such a platform to connect with family and friends from far distances. The song describes that the fear driven need to be liked on Facebook and other similar social networks is the reason why this is such a toxic ground to tread on. The likes and little emoji icons have become way too serious of a matter to those who frequent the sites mentioned above and the evil thing about it is that not only does it make people want just a few close friends but it also violates the regular social structures of how real meaningful relationships are maintained and even begun. This has been going on in the culture and society of many cities and countries around the globe and it continues to perpetrate people everywhere who depend on this to an unhealthy extent as is common in the generation growing up in this new age. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are in actuality promoting the real human connectedness that happens when two people talk via phone or face to face, because none of it is cheapened and considered scarce and worth dying for. The lyrics of the song are all too real in reflecting what it is that is going on in the world of online chatting. The Chainsmokers have always been this way in all of their work musically and things just got deeper with this song that they recently posted up. This is a whole new frontier for The Chainsmokers and the audiences who listen to them can expect deeper context from them as they continue to grow in their art form and ideas.

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