The Dating App World That Whitney Wolfe Wants To Create

Many people are thrilled about the fact that Whitney Wolfe is one of those people that looks at dating from a global Perspective. She gives more singles a chance to establish a long-term relationship, and she believes that social media is something that can benefit people that are dating as well as others that may just be looking to build network contacts.

That is why she is also started another aspect of Bumble call Bumble Bizz. This gives more people the ability to network even if they’re not looking for someone to be in a relationship with.

Whitney Wolfe is doing a great thing to give singles something that is different from everything else that they have been seeing in the dating app community. She wanted to create an app like Bumble because she knew that the dating app world needed something else. Wolfe is a college graduate of Southern Methodist University, and even during her time in college she was seriously wondering why men would always be the one that made the first move with dating. She wanted to do something about this even in her teenage years. She would eventually go onto start a company where the women would be the ones in control of making moves.

A lot of people have become fans of what Whitney Wolfe has succeeded in bringing to the dating app environment because she is doing something original. People are generally going to flock to things that are new and outside of what they have become accustomed to. Since Whitney Wolfe calls her Bumble dating app a feminist app, it is definitely one that classifies as a break from what is the norm. Whitney Wolfe wants to create an environment where women truly feel safe online. She wanted ladies to have a voice.

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