The future if AI technology: Visual search

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has come a long way over the years going through up and downs. Investors and funders have gained and lost billions through these cycles. The problem about AI is that many people in the technology industry waited for a big bang or a big announcement of the launch of AI. It happened that this announcement never came. Instead, AI has been adopted slowly into the business of today and is steadily being used into the lives of people without their knowledge. Think about Google’s predictive search and autocomplete, Facebook’s automatic friend tagging, and Apple’s Siri App for voice recognition. The technology of AI has been used in our lives without realizing how much we have dependent on it.

The Slyce team is strategizing to what they call visual search‘s breakthrough year of 2016. The leadership team has taken note of the emerging trend for consumers to make purchases from their mobile devices as opposed from product research in the past. For instance, Walmart, a leading retail outlet in the U.S. reported 70 percent of the Black Friday website sales to have been transacted through mobile devices. The sales according to Walmart doubled the figures recorded in 2014.

As a result, Slyce leadership team has opted to venture into technology like visual search aimed at promoting secure mobile purchases as an emerging trend in 2016. According to Slyce, 2015 was an impressive year for image recognition with big corporations such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and IBM releasing a groundbreaking artificial intelligence to the public. These companies have opted to advance in neural networks, to improve the voice recognition and computer image as some of the greatest technology advances in 2015. Various analyst exploring the marketing trends in 2016 agree that visual search is undoubtedly a trend in the AI that is going to change the way we do our shopping.

With the breakthrough in visual search, companies around the world will change their appetite for AI to fix the fashion industry. AI based on visual recognition systems will have a significant impact on fashion personas. While many of these potential technologies are very promising and exciting, challenges related to the AI still exist on the road ahead. Visual search is still challenging to corporations as users take photos of products including backgrounds with people, chairs, cats and more in the image. The technology may force users to crop images first for the search engine to focus on the product.

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