The Futuristic Mind of Eric Pulier

Not many people claim ownership of quite an impressive resume as Eric Pulier does. Mr. Pulier has received recognitions for significant achievements in entrepreneurship, technology, writing, public speaking and charity. Eric Pulier has simply done it all having received only the best of education from Harvard University. Mr. Pulier displays a mind of innovation, brilliance in the financial sector and an activist for progressive development in all fields.

Mr. Pulier demonstrates initiative and entrepreneurial skills at quite a noble age. While in the fourth grade, he was well versed in computer programming, which led to the creation of his computer database company after joining high school. Having been raised in Teaneck, New Jersey, he pursued his secondary education at Teaneck High school and then proceeded to Harvard University where he attained a degree in Business Administration. Mr. Pulier also majored in English and American Literature, which explains his indulgence in authorship.

Pulier’s investments have all proved his ingenuity in analyzing markets and venturing into initiatives that are not only profitable but also innovative. His initial investment can be traced back in 1991 whereby he founded People Doing Things, a company that seeks resolutions in various fields through the use of technology. One, however, that cannot be left unmentioned is the Starbright World, a private social network that brings children with chronicle illnesses together through chat, blog and posting content online.

Among his notable and quite memorable achievements is the ‘Bridge to the 21st Century’, in honor of Bill Clinton and Al Gore’s 2nd inauguration. Mr. Pulier not only received immense recognition from the press but also gained favor with numerous political dignitaries.

Mr. Pulier is a live testament to the adage that the hand that gives is the one that receives. He has shown active participation in numerous charitable works, having formed some of the organizations himself. Among his philanthropic ingenuity is a multimedia educational program that educates people with multiple sclerosis about their conditions. The program presents inventiveness as it engages their users with a fun and intriguing approach.

With the inclusion of his publications, such as ‘Understanding Enterprise SOA’ with co-author Hugh Taylor, Mr. Pulier proves to be quite a remarkable individual. He displays knowledge in different fields and has a mind for universal empowerment through technological advancements. His contributions to the society are utterly futuristic.

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