The Handy Way to Have Spring Cleaning Work Done

Spring time is a fun time of the year. Once the weather takes a major turn for the better, people want to become a lot more active. All those good weather hobbies and activities are accessible. For those who put off home maintenance or cleaning work, spring and its weather makes such work more inviting.

Cleaning out the interior and exterior of a home becomes a top priority for many once the spring season arrives. The winter and all its wind, cold, and snow does not exactly instill any desire to get things done. Granted, even when the weather is more permitting to doing things, being capable of cleaning up a home could be questionable.

Everyone wants a nice-looking home. Not everyone is able to get the job done. This is why homes end up needing a spring cleaning. Effective cleaning work had been overlooked throughout the winter months. Maybe the summer months were not dedicated to very much cleaning either.

What makes the spring so much more appealing to those interested in cleaning? Handy has expanded its reach. Anyone living in the company’s service area can easily book cleaning freelancers through the app and at affordable rates.

Handy originally debuted in 2012 under the name Handybook. The name was shortened and the profits grew. Handy is now worth roughly $500 million dollars and is in the middle of a massive worldwide expansion. The company’s booking numbers are up substantially thanks to consistently delivering what customers wanted.

Oisin Hanrahan was the primary brain behind the concept of Handy. Hanrahan came up with the idea while working in several countries in Europe. He looked at the needs of renters and marveled at the growth of app-based service providers. Hanrahan, along with friends from Harvard Business School, took the concept of Handy and made it into a reality.

Let spring cleaning become a reality. Use the Handy app to book exceptional cleaners to come by and reinvigorate a home, apartment, or other dwelling. Things are going to look a lot better in the residence once such work is done.

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