The Inspiration of Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla has become one of the most prolific female leaders in the world of marketing. She has been able to help several companies build their brands, and she has taking a lead with the Pittsburgh Steelers as the creative director.

She is revamping the clothing line for this company and helping this franchise gain a greater appreciation from fans. Susan McGalla has been able to do things like this throughout her career, and this has been helpful for all that are trying to build a brand. A company is only as strong as the brand that has been built. Customer loyalty is going to hinge greatly on how well the brand has been developed. That is what Susan McGalla has done throughout her years with American Eagle and Wet Seal. She has also worked independently as a consultant in the marketing field to work in helping companies build better brands.  More related articles on

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Her marketing experience has given her a platform to inspire other women that are looking for a chance to get into the marketing arena as well. She has broken barriers in the corporate world, and she has spoken to other women in seminars and challenged them to do their very best. She believes that women do have a place in the corporate world as CEOs and directors of programs, but they have to show and prove that they can do the job, check This is what Susan McGalla has always done throughout her career. She has proven that she can do the job, and she has gotten results that have been comforting to the board of directors in organizations that she worked for. This makes all the difference in the world when it comes to developing a brand. McGalla has grown and she challenges other women to grow in business.  Head over to this interesting link

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