The Inspiring Life of Andy Wirth

One of the most important things about a leader is the ability to inspire. So it’s little wonder that after Andy Wirth was elected chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board that people wanted to know more about the man. Those people quickly discovered that there’s few more inspiring people than Wirth. On the surface it’s easy to see some examples of this in the world. For example, the fact that Squaw Valley Ski is such a beautiful and wonderful area is in large part due to Wirth’s leadership in his position as CEO. But some of the most inspiring things about Wirth involve how he approaches life. He’s one of those people who makes it clear how wonderful and amazing the world can be.

Perhaps one of the best examples can be found in his recent recovery from a severe injury. When most people think of a rough medical situation they imagine a bad flu or perhaps a broken bone as a child. Wirth’s roughest medical situation involved most of his arm being severed. It all happened while Wirth was enjoying one of his favorite pleasures, exploring the natural world around him. In this case that meant a seemingly enjoyable day spent skydiving. But nature is, if anything, unpredictable. The weather took a severe shift for the worth as he jumped. And what should have been an enjoyable glide through the sky turned into a terrifying attempt to guide himself to a safe landing. Sadly, the entire area was filled with severe risks. He tried to guide himself into the least dangerous option, a vineyard. But the safest area was still filled with deadly dangers. Wirth soon saw a pole in the vineyard straight in his path. He tried to compensate, and nearly did so. But in the end his arm collided with the pole at high speed. And the event severed a large part of his arm.

The most inspiring thing is that he managed to remain calm in the aftermath of the accident. He knew that the natural instinct to panic would probably kill him. So despite the understandable feeling of wanting to run for help he simply remained calm. He tried to stop the loss of blood and waited for rescue. In the end he not only survived, but three months later he’d regained use of the reattached limb. This demonstrates what makes Wirth such a great leader and why he’s so inspiring. He’s able to stay calm in any circumstance, even a severed limb. And he’s able to push forward through trying times, such as when he needed to endure months of painful physical therapy to achieve his goal of recovered mobility.

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