The leader of new entrepreneurs, Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman is a businessman of many titles. He is a very successful executive mentor, small business owner, board executive, investor and public company CEO. His trail of greatness started at The University of Scranton in Pennsylvania. He received his bachelors degree in economics and finance in 1981. After getting his roots in the business world, he then went back to The University of Chicago to receive his masters degree in 1991. This was enough for Wakeman to realize he belonged in the business world.


Career of Glen Wakeman

Glen’s first career with General Electric allowed him to live in several countries in Asia, South America and Europe. This tour allowed him to gain several very high positions in the company for their business in these regions. Wakeman showed such business talent that GE appointed him CEO of their company GE Money Latin America where he was able to build a company with garnered $12 billion in assets and over 17,000 employees. He was able to able to create many new partnerships and products, and built over 1000 branches!

This illustrious career has given Wakeman the knowledge and confidence to create his own company which helps many new entrepreneurs get started, teaching them the basics of business and what characteristics are needed to make it in the business world. This was started as Wakeman noticed so many great business ideas from those around him, and realized these people simply needed some guidance to become promising new entrepreneurs.

Glen continues to expand his business ventures, using his LaunchPadToolKit website to lead a new wave of entrepreneurs; being a president of Nova Four, a business providing strategic advice and access to capital for startup companies; and continuing to blog and teach frequently all his great knowledge and insights into the business world. Glen has successfully left his mark in the business world and is continuing to do so leading a new generation of entrepreneurs to take over the scene.

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