The Personal and Professional Accomplishments of Jonathan Veitch

While it might not be his first focus, Jonathan Veitch is a guy who knows how to increase the value of property.  What he’s done for Oxy college is nothing short of incredible, and his story is the perfect one to add to a long list of real estate achievements that need to be talked about.

There are many popular educators in the educational system of the United States that many know and love. There are just as many noted educators who have left their mark in the arena of education, or are still striving to make a difference in students’ lives that are less known or in the public eye. One such educator is Jonathan Veitch of Southern California, a leader in liberal arts education.

Jonathan Veitch stepped into the president’s shoes at Occidental College in 2009, in Southern California. Since 2009, Veitch has been instrumental in this college’s future. Veitch focuses on the belief that the college is not going to prosper unless he instituted and led a vitally important strategic planning process.

Through this process, Veitch worked tirelessly to strengthen the college’s civic engagement, global literacy programs, and arts. He put the college in the direct view of other premier cultural institutions in the area.

While focusing on creating partnerships with other institutions he led the way in completing the new Samuelson Alumni Center and expanded Swan Hall, a 98-year old facility on campus housing many of the There are some great educators in the history of the United States educational faculty of Occidental.

Another historic hall on this campus is Johnson Hall and Veitch led the new and much needed renovation while adding a new family center called the McKinnon Family Center for Politics and Global Affairs. Both the upper and lower floors of this historic hall see great renovations through a grant that Veitch played an instrumental part in obtaining from the Rose Hills Foundation.

Jonathan Veitch was as much of a success in college as a graduate of Stanford University by obtaining his doctoral degree in the History of American Civilization from Harvard.
Veitch was recognized as a professor of the English department at the University of Wisconsin, an associate professor of literature and history at The New School, he also sat as chair of humanities and associate provost, and dean for five years at Lang an urban liberal arts college.

In addition to this long record of accomplishments, Veitch is a loved award-winning author and researcher on the history of higher education in the United States.
Jonathan Veitch enjoys his role of renowned educator with his wife and their three children where they live on the Occidental campus.

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