The Philanthropic Work of Stream Energy

Recently, Stream Energy which is a Dallas based company kick-started a foundation to assist the homeless get shelter. This was a combined effort between Stream Energy and Hope Supply Company. After the Hurricane Harvey, the foundation saw a need to step in and assist the people who survived and had been left homeless as a result of the hurricane. They have made profits over the years and they use this as an opportunity to give back to the community.

They have been involved in other philanthropic deeds for over a decade, offering charity to people all over the United States. Opening Stream Cares as their charity branch was a big step for them. They saw this as an opportunity to show their existing and potential clients that they cared about them and they were also loyal to the community needs.

Stream Energy is involved in the provision of clean energy to both personal and industrial needs and their employees are in charge of maintaining good relationships with their clients. The employees are then paid depending on how they perform. They also motivate their employees through taking part in causes that are worthwhile. If one of their employees brings forth an idea that is worthwhile and requires assistance, Stream Energy steps in.

Stream focuses its energy on the homeless. During the Splash for Hope event, they donated a huge amount of money to cover the food costs and entrance fees of the homeless children in Dallas. During this event, which takes place every year, Stream gives away supplies, cash and provide the homeless kids with a lifetime experience at the water park. Some of the supplies handed out include school items and clothes for these children.

Their philanthropic deeds can also be seen by the amount of money they helped raise to assist the victims who were affected by the tornado that occurred in Texas. They have also played a big part in assisting the veterans who are not able to afford to spend time with their families due to financial restraints meet up with their families through providing transportation and covering the lunch costs. It is a great joy for the company to see others benefiting and having life-changing events with the services they offer.

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