The Plan to Incorporate Olympic Valley Was Opposed By Andy Wirth With Friendly Firmness

Drought hit the Lake Tahoe area of California just as badly as the rest of the state. The area’s ski resorts and the secondary businesses that support the North Shore area of Lake Tahoe, including Andy Wirth’s Squaw Valley Resort.

Not enough snow reduced the number of ski visitors dramatically, leading a group led by Fred Ilfield to seek to officially incorporate the area.

Wirth opposed this idea quite strongly. But, while he opposed the idea, he has tried to mend fences with his neighbors who were for this very bad idea. He really only wants what is best for everyone in the area.

Few areas of the world are as pretty and full of fun as the Lake Tahoe area. Incorporation would have caused many problems, especially for senior citizens who live in the area.

This is because not only would incorporation end funding for snow plows on area roads, an absolute necessity for the mountainous area, but it would have eliminated many services that the citizenry relies upon. Probably, these services would still need to be provided, but in the end at a much greater cost to local citizens, services that the county was already providing without any serious issues.

The idea that Ilfield was pushing was based on the concept of lowering taxes. Ilfield formed the group that launched this: Olympic Valley Incorporation. Andy Wirth was forced to start a law suit against the group to stop incorporation.

He was successful in swaying the opinion of the County Supervisors to block the incorporation, which they agreed was a very poor idea for the area.

Many feelings were hurt and some names were called, but Wirth has remained firm, yet he has tried to keep the matter friendly. Squaw Valley paid most of the legal bills for the suit.

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