The Power Of Avaaz

In just five years Avaaz has become the most powerful activist network online anywhere on the globe. Avaaz gives individuals from all walks of life the ability to take action on critical national, regional and global issues. This includes climate change, animal rights, conflict and poverty. Thousands of efforts made by individuals are combined into one powerful force.

The campaigns of the Avaaz community encompass fifteen languages, have core teams located on six continents and have volunteers in the thousands. They organize protests, lobby governments, take direct actions, send emails, fund media campaigns and sign petitions. They believe the values and views of individuals throughout the world affect everyone. Their campaigns are conducted with scale, focus, flexibility and nimbleness.

The Avaaz community calls attention to important new issues. They expedite responses to emergencies and meet urgent needs. Their priorities come from polls of their members. Once a campaign has reached a full membership their actions often begin within hours. Avaaz members in the hundreds of thousands contribute to their campaigns.

The staff at Avaaz make a tremendous difference regarding the issues that matter the most. They develop strategies with experts and partners, issue compelling alerts and proceed with the messages of their members, delivered petitions and campaigns aided with funding. They do whatever is required to succeed. Members are listened to by the staff and the actions taken affect the world. They have the leadership, skills and vision to necessary to enable the communications to build a better world.

Since Avaaz is funded by their members they are accountable and independent. Their priorities cannot be changed or shifted by government backers or corporate sponsors. They refuse to accept any funds from corporations or governments. Their values place human beings first and they understand responsibilities to the future generations, the plant and each other. They represent a source of hope, dreams and the ability to build a bridge across the world.

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