The Proper Way of Banking

Banking is a vital service that we as a people can’t refuse to have. Just think about it, you wouldn’t want to store your entire cash savings at your home. This would put a gigantic target on your back. Other than not touching it, you wouldn’t be able to make your money grow over time since it would be right there staring you in the face. This is why banking is so important. These powerful institutions provide an array of vital solutions and there is one bank that epitomizes this notion brilliantly.

Have you ever heard of NexBank? Well, if you’re not from the Texas region then you probably haven’t, but here’s a bit more interesting facts about this institution.


NexBank is located in Dallas, Texas, and it’s one of the most successful regional banks in the South. The bank has been around for over 100 years, and it offers numerous services to grow and store wealth. This financial institution has done some amazing things over the years, and it’s always making the business headlines. After the shootings of several Dallas police officers last year, this bank stepped in and donated funds to the families. This is what the Texas Bankers Association is all about and NexBank stepped up to the plate wonderfully. With over $6.4 billion in assets, this bank has more than enough clout to do beneficial things in which other banks couldn’t.


NexBank has also been a part of helping qualified families obtain affordable mortgages in certain areas of the city. Back on June 2016, the Dallas-based branch completed a common equity capital raise of $24 million, which will be used for corporate purposes. In general, great companies seem to have great leadership, and CEO John Holt has done a fantastic job of leading the regional giant into more successful ventures. Holt is also the current president. Organic growth, ambition and perseverance is the key to sustain growth and Nexbank Capital epitomizes it to the fullest.

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