The Role of Adam Milstein in the Jewish Community

Currently residing in the United States, Adam Milstein was born and raised in Haifa, Israel. Adam relocated to the United States in the early 80’s to further his education at the University of Southern California. He holds an MBA from this institution having graduated earlier from Technion College with a degree in business and economics. From an early age, Adam developed the desire to establish his businesses. Soon after completing his MBA, Adam jumped into the real estate business as a commercial broker. He spent three years working in this position. He says that he was motivated to go out on his own as employers didn’t appreciate his skills and even paid him less than an undergraduate.


Adam was born to immigrant parents as his mother had moved to Israel from Mexico. On the other hand, his dad was from Argentina. Adam seems to have something for immigrants as his wife Gila, is an immigrant from Morocco. In a recent interview, Adam talked about many things about his life. For instance, he said that he has developed a habit of having no fixed schedule or fixed day structure as this can be very limiting. Instead, he says that he lets things flow along and whenever he feels bored, he decides to get involved in philanthropy. Adam says that he has been shaped by his friend David Hager after they met many years ago. The two are the faces behind a company called Hager Pacific Properties that specializes in buying and rehabilitating properties in the United States.


Adam Milstein gives credit to David as being visionary and someone who stays up to date with current issues. Adam Milstein learned the hard way the importance of being patient when it comes to business. He couldn’t control the urge to become rich in an overnight, and this cost him a fortune. He warns young people about this temptation and greed. Adam Milstein is involved with many Jewish organizations in the United States. For instance, he is involved with Israel-American Council, Hasbara Fellowships and well as StandWithUs and Birthright Israel. For his efforts in helping other people, the Jerusalem post regarded him as one of the most influential Jewish Leaders of modern times.

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