The Successful Story of Hussain Sajwani the DAMAC Owner

Probably, you are aware of the handful tips on how to succeed in the real estate business. These tips are designed to help you learn how to soar high in the ever-transitioning industry that requires a consistent market watch. With that said, for a real estate business to succeed, an individual need to highlight the major challenges faced while delving into the business. After highlighting these challenges, it will be easier to get through the tough days that require more input in terms of capital or handling clients. Just like in the case of Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner, resilience, patience, and determination are some key strength to succeed in this business.

Who is Hussain Sajwani?

Many know him as the real estate mogul hailing from Dubai. Others on the other side identify him as America’s brand ambassador for real estate. Well, a look into his early life would tag him as a humble businessman who grew up in the loving arms of hard-working parents. His parents spent their time training him to become a successful businessman straight from his father’s shop. In that shop, he sold pens, shirts, and other personal use items that most male clients found useful.


The career of Hussain Sajwani dates to when he decided that his father’s business was not meant for him. At that moment, he joined a medical school where he majored in a few units in science before deciding to quit and join a different school in America. The Washington University provided major courses in economics as well as engineering. With these courses, Sajwani was good to start off on a professional career at the GASCO Company. Working as a dedicated contracts manager, he developed a strong passion for business. Therefore, he started a food catering business in which, he supplied major hotels and businesses with food and catering services similarly.

Real Estate Business

After operating the business for some time, it was time to start a business in the real estate market. DAMAC Properties was based on the idea of serving high prolific clients with the luxury property. Since 2002, this need has been addressed as the DAMAC owner is always working with high profile businessmen to poach such as clients.

Here’s DAMA Properties’ Board Members:

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