This Denver Lacrosse Camp Gives Guidance To Those Who Attend

When someone decides to attend a lacrosse camp their life may be changed forever. This is what happened to my kids Dylan and Shane this past summer when they attended a lacrosse camp led by former pro Jon Urbana, whose LinkedIn page shows that he built the camp from scratch about four years ago.

Thanks to Next Level Lacrosse Camp, Dylan and Shane now  have the opportunity to really go for the sport for the first time in their life, and the things that they will learn at the camp will push them to be better than they have ever been before.

There are many great lacrosse camps out there, but one camp that stands out above the rest is Next Level, which is located in Colorado. It is run by a former lacrosse player who had a great career, and the man who runs it cares about teaching the young people who attend all that he has learned, even during after hours on Twitter through his account @jonurbana1. He wants each and every young person who comes to the camp to leave there a better athlete, and he does his best to teach them all that he can about the sport.

The campers also run many crowdfunding charity drives, including this one underway for Earth Force:

This story on Bloomberg covers the more about the GoFundMe campaign, including goals and objectives.

Jon Urbana, the man who is running the camp, spent years of his life as a Villanova lacrosse player. The career that he had was something that he enjoyed, but nothing can compare to the joy that he expresses each day on that he is teaching others about the sport.

Urbana says on Facebook that he loves the satisfaction that fills him when he is talking to young people about lacrosse and what they should be doing to bolster their game. He has a passion for helping them to achieve their dreams, and he has done great things with his camp’s Instagram page because of that.

#instagood #instalike #webstagram #follow4follow #like4like

A photo posted by Jon Urbana (@jonurbana) on

#instagood #instalike #webstagram #follow4follow #like4like

A photo posted by Jon Urbana (@jonurbana) on

Another thing that Urbana feels passionate about is the charity work that he does, like his popular GoFundMe page in support of Earth Force. He knows that he needs to be doing his part if he wants to see changes made in the world, so he has stood up for animals on Crowdrise, and the environment on GoFundMe. He has started fundraisers in hope of making a difference in the world. He wants his life to mean something, and he feels that by doing charity work, he is doing just that.

To learn more about Next Level Lacrosse Camp, read this summary report.

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