Toronto Surgeon Cameron Clokie Highlights Breakthroughs in regenerative Medicine

There are new developments coming up every day in the world of medicine. This entails a lot of research in the field aiming to crack new ways of saving lives. This comes at a time when new and lethal conditions are emerging, hence calling for more creativity. At the top of this is regenerative medicine.

This is a stem cell therapy whereby health cells from a donor are introduced to an ailing patient aiming to treat them. The idea may sound very simple but it is actually a very technical concept that has taken years for the very best in the industry to generate. At the fore front in regenerative medicine is Cameron Clokie.

Cameron is a successful surgeon specializing on oral and maxillofacial operations. He is involved greatly in research work that makes him stand-out as a scientist in medicine. Besides that, Cameron is an entrepreneur and Chief Executive Officer of Induce Biologics Inc.

This is a company that focuses mostly on reconstructive surgeries for muscles and skeletons. Cameron Clokie has over 30 years of experience in maxillofacial surgeries. He is very active in the University of Toronto as a professor, after being the departmental head in 1998.

In additional, he has highly supported several organizations as a board member. His passion for regenerative medicine has seen him share his knowledge via publications which he has availed internationally as well. It is through these partnerships and integration with peers in this industry that he has managed to convert some of this information into initiatives that are viable in commercial sector.

Despite the amazing thrill these breakthroughs in medicine may bring, it is sad enough that very few treatments have been advanced to the deserving patients. What is sadder is that some trial treatments have seen their way to desperate patients without proper approvals. This has made the situation unbearable.

The question therefore on why these new therapies such as regenerative medicine have not really taken root becomes paramount. For starters, such procedures are very expensive and hence they require a lot of support. Funding is quite constrained making it very difficult to achieve much. This results to overly high production cost, which acts a hindrance.

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