Transportation Executive Perry Mandera Alters the Paradigm of Corporate Giving

It is rare today to find a self-made, wildly successful young entrepreneur who also prioritizes philanthropy, but exceeding expectations has always been a page in Perry Mandera’s playbook. Not only did Mandera start a major transportation firm before he turned 30, but he made sure that firm was built from the ground up to respond to the needs of his community.


Custom Cares

As soon as his transportation firm The Custom Company was on its feet, Perry Mandera opened Custom Cares, a charitable arm of the company. Despite being named to the Top 100 American Transportation Executive of The Millennium, Mandera has made sure a portion of his time and energy went to building the kind of world he wants to hand down to his children. Since its inception, Custom Cares has assisted in many projects, including:

  • The Walter and Connie Payton Foundation- Founded by football legend Walter Payton and his wife, this Chicago area charitable organization is dedicated to helping disadvantaged people reach their full potential. Perry Mandera sits on their board, and Custom Cares regularly assists them with financial and in-kind goods and services.
  • The Jessie White Tumblers- Custom Cares is proud to support this youth athletic team, which has garnered world attention and helped raise money for various charitable causes.


  • Natural Disaster Relief- Through Custom Care, Perry Mandera has sent support to the victims of Hurricane Katrina, the California Wildfires, and other local disasters.


  • Community Christmas Support- Thanks to the direct work of Custom Cares, tens of thousands of dollars were given to disadvantaged families in the local area to ensure they were able to have a happy Christmas.


  • Veterans Aid- As a veteran himself, Perry Mandera puts emphasis on the need to help veterans, and Custom Cares works closely with Marines For Life and Hiring Our Heroes.


  • Personal Contributions– In addition to contributing through Custom Cares, Perry Mandera puts much of his private time and money into coaching youth sports, supporting his church’s charitable programs, and meeting the needs of the local school district.




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