Try Something New – Rainbow Colors!

Over the past few years, we have had an explosion of innovative ways of coloring hair from Lime Crime. A big hit was painting hair in gray color and now we have some totally different extremes.
This latest painting is called sand art. At first, it may not be clear to you why it has this name, but it will become obvious soon.
After ‘Ombre’,’’balayage’, and ‘flamboyage’ come the so-called sand art highlights. This combines all the colors of the rainbow for a unique effect that resembles sand mixed in different colors.
Until a few seasons, the rules were clear: funky hair colors are reserved for rebellious teenagers, but the rules are there to be broken. Some of the biggest stars today like to wear funky colors, no matter if they no longer have 17 years.
Green, pink, purple, blue or sky blue? No, it’s not about the trend color for dress and sandals, but it is the popular hair color which stars around the world like to wear. Although we have recently been striving for perfect chocolate color that Eva Longoria has or platinum blond hair color like Gwen Stefani, today we are more inspired by some other daring girls who are not afraid to take risks (at least at hairdressing salons).
Kesha, one of the most famous singers, has tried absolutely everything. The star that sometimes balances on the verge of kitsch and bad taste still does one thing fantastically – she carries all the colors of the rainbow in her hair. So far we have seen her with pastel shades of pink, turquoise, rainbow, orange, yellow and greenish streaks as well as the lavender hair color, which fits her perfectly. Kesha is the latest in a series of stars that could not resist the bright hair colors. All the rainbow colors, from green to purple, spill over from one to another on her wavy hair. After blonde extensions and black braid, Kesha decided to take a less radical trend that includes vibrant colors. These shades of hair color have been worn in recent years, and Katy Perry was among the first to accept this trend.
Nicole Richie had a lot of bad fashion choices in her youth, but after very serious fashion problems, now we can proclaim her to be a fashion icon. The designer explains her wearing of funky hair colors as representing her playfulness. Her favorite colors are petroleum blue, purple and pink, and she always combines them with classic hairstyles.
Lily Allen recently shared a photo on Instagram which shows us her new hair color combining neon green and pink, and we have to admit that it looks cool, at least as an experiment.
Hilary Duff is known as Miss Butterfly, and she also failed to resist the call of crazy hair color. Her hair, with feminine and glamorous waves, flirts with petroleum blue and gray for a trendy look.
You should check my favorite brand Lime Crime because they have a pretty good palette of hair colors!

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