Unmasking Finance; the Flavio Maluf Story

Established in 1951, Eucatex is a Brazilian company that deals with timber products, primarily eucalyptus, to make acoustic products, ceiling, and roof material as well as other wooden furniture.

By the time 1965 rolled around, the company was exporting its wares all over the world and soon after, it joined the financial markets as a force to reckon with.

Flavio Maluf is the Chief Executive Officer of Eucatex since 2005 and has steered the company towards its most recent successes. Since he took over the reins of the company, the financial position and stability have been solidified, and most people believe that his continued innovativeness is the reason behind this success.  He has tons of unique presentations that he comes up with for SlideShare, all about the world of business and where he feels the future of Eucatex lies.

Flavio Maluf has been instrumental not only to the company but also to the world through his release of films that are meant to sensitize the public on how to manage their finances and maintain a positive bank balance.  That’s all a part of his plan to include technology as a means of furthering education.  Something that Flavio speaks about often.  When he’s not busy discussing the merits of running a longtime family business of course.

The financial market is a big world to explore, and people need as much help as they can to understand it. This means that the people who know much about it have to use nonconventional means such as the big screen, a factor that has been long indicated by to help people learn more about finances.

For about 120 minutes Flavio and Eucatex make the spectator live another life, absorbed by the story told. If the story is good, a film can cause significant issues remain on the agenda even when it ends. An example of this is the relationship between power and money. Movies that depict the scenes of the financial market usually exceed the simple entertainment to bring those who watch ethical issues faced by the characters. Stock markets, million-dollar transactions, and financial crises are issues widely covered by the US cinema, which does not seem to fear the complexities intrinsic to the capitalist system.

In Flavio’s film, Wall Street – Money Never Sleeps, he points out that Wall Street has taken over the way we look at money. Directed by Oliver Stone, the plot takes place in the stock market of the 80s with Bud Fox as the main character. Fox is a new and ambitious broker who manages the advice of billionaire Gordon Gekko in exchange for inside information. According to Bud Fox, money is the only thing that is worth fighting for, even at the expense of his or other’s personal relationships.

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